About Us

Address Ever is a concept of revolution to replace long physical addresses with quick and easy to remember code consisting of 1 to 10 digits numbers.

Imagine a home or business owner will shift to a new address. Both will have to inform banks, friends, clients, suppliers..etc about the new address. It is even worse for business owners as all printed materials will have to be changed such as business cards and letter head material.

This is not any more necessary with AE code system. Just move and update all in seconds.







Basic Plus


The AE code description

a. Simply a Numeric number that consists of 1 digit upto 10 digits (1 to 9 999 999 999). The owner subscribes to the AE code he prefers.

b. The AE code is unique for every country. For example, AE code “1” is available for country A and country B and both represents two different physical address. Hence AE code is unique per country but not universally unique (all what is needed is to put your contry & code).

How it works

Through a mobile apps, the user can subscribe to AE Codes.

The physical address will be represented with an AE code. The AE code is selected by the owner upon its availability in the system.

Special about it

A lifetime, location independent personalized Address.

i. Lifetime: the address can be maintained over the life time of the owner and can be inherited as long as subscription is valid.

ii. Location independent: The Address Ever code (AE) can be maintained even in the case of physical address change within the country. The AE code is always linked to the physical address submitted by the owner. Therefore, AE code is always fixed while the physical address can be updated.

iii. Personalized: The owner selects his AE code given that the code is still available and not booked by others.

More advantages

  • Reduces the complexity of classical physical address system. In other words, it transfers the multiple lines address down to a maximum of 10 digits number!
  • Reduces human errors while quoting or describing addresses. For example while giving driving directions or typing addresses.
  • Faster to use with navigation tools specially while driving.
  • Personalized: you select your code.
  • Life time: you keep the same code even when you change physical address.
  • Easier to remember compared to classical style.
  • Simple updating methods.
  • Eliminates the need for the complicated address forwarding method. If address is changed, No need to update suppliers, clients, official entities as your address is changed from central database.
  • Environmental friendly as it reduces the multiple lines printing to single line.

It will simply represent your address with a code. The code is selected by the user and it will never change as long the user maintains his account active.

The relation between the address and the code is maintained thru the user account. Every time the user changes his physical address, he will need to update his account online and his AE code will remain the same.

How to subscribe?

AE Codes can be purchased/Subscribed thru our mobile apps available on Android and iOS. Once the AE Code is purchase/subscribed by the AE Code buyer, the AE code can then be associated with a physical address within a geographic limit of country for which the code is purchased. Owner can make their address circulated as numbers and AE codes users can remember the number instead of long complicated addresses.

Futuristically Address Ever will replace the need of writing physical addresses in the all forms of shipping and mailing facilities.

Locating the postal address linked to the AE code is just a click away.

The AE codes Classes

Address Ever codes will be divided into predefined categories.The AE Codes are categorized in 7 different classes, namely Royal, VIP, Diamond, Gold, Silver, Basic Plus and Basic .

The AE codes will be available for purchase depending on their class on yearly subscription basis.

The AE Codes will stand as property of AE Codes owner as long as account is continue to be active thru renewal process.

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